High Standard Teaching

High Standard Teaching

Are you driven and ready to learn? Then we are the place for you..........

Experts In Sport Photography

We specialise in sports photography. If that is what you would like a career in then yes we are the place for you.

Extremely High Pass Rate

We have some of the best high pass grades around. Contact us for more information into course specific marks.

Progressive Learning

We understand the stress of the learning a new skill. Our teaching method is bespoke and proven to deliver results.

Successful Setup

With years of experience we have built the set up of tutors that are proven to deliver success for you and your future to any students that are driven and work hard.

Welcome to our website

Hello and welcome to our website. We are a thriving community of learners here at the college. We like to progress as a team and help all our students enjoy there time here leaving with not only good results and marks but also the happy memories of there time here.

Everyone on the premises are presented with ID cards which we print on site on printers bought from a leading supplier of ID card printers called Lesar. This just helps everyone know who is who with the help of a ID Lanyard and also helps with our safety of our premises as we know who is on site at all times which is a must for us in terms of service and safety. Added to this we got some custom lanyards to hold the ID cards which are personalised to our school. We again used Lesar for this as they where the best quality for both design and security as you can see here on the personalised lanyards page . ( http://www.lesar.co.uk/personalised-lanyard ) These type of systems allow us to be able to run fire reports at any given time this allows us to ensure we can keep track on who is in the buildings and ensure they are safe. We can also activate these cards for use as a pre paid payment card for the canteen and cafe on site. This is great as it cuts down on any potential money being lost.